Auxiliary Materials
Products used as complimentary to the unsaturated polyester resins. We give solutions to the special needs of our customers. Reinforcement and core materials, gel coats, bonding pastes, accelerators, fillers and catalysts are some of the products we offer to the composites industry in combination with the polyester resins.
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Vinylester resins

Orthophthalic based gel coat with parafine (Top Coat) - Brush

Isophthalic based gel coat - Spray/Brush

Isophthalic/NPG based gel coat - Spray/Brush

Fire retardant gel coat - Spray/Brush

Vinylester based tooling gel coat - Spray / Brush

Bonding Pastes (Reinforced / Non Reinforced)

Color Pastes

Chopped Strand Mat (Emulsion / Powder Bonded)

Spray-up Rovings

Fiber Wooven Rovings

Combined (W.Roving - Mat)

Multiaxial Fabrics

Core Materials

Styrene Monomer


Catalysts - Peroxide Range

Accelerators / Inhibitors

Thixotropix Agents

Titanium Dioxide


Mold Release Agents


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